Electric Propulsion

Join the rapidly growing number of sailors who choose electric propulsion to increase the sailing attributes of their boats.   Small amounts of power negate the drag of a propeller – often as little as 50 watts, adds a knot in boat speed.   Add another 200 watts and you start filling in the low pressure zone behind the boat, adding another knot in boat speed.    Electric propulsion capitalizes on full torque at 0 rpm to enable the boat to use a larger high pitch propeller for maximum efficiency – over 5 times as efficient as a diesel.

Diesel Electric Propulsion allows the diesel to work at maximum efficiency, while optimizing the propeller / electric motor relationship, resulting in up to 4 times the range of a traditional diesel power plant.    Serial Hybrid technology allows the generator to be located outside the living spaces of the boat in an aft lazarette for decreased noise, vibration and proximity to diesel fuel.

Life on board is just a whole lot nicer with either electric propulsion or hybrid propulsion.    Elimination or reduction of diesel fuel and exhaust, engine vibration and noise makes sailing the true getaway from the bustle of modern living – the main reason we like sailing so much.

At Above the Waterline we recommend for a sailor what is best for how they use their sailboat and their budget.    We carefully outline the costs associated with the installation and the expected range of the boat.     We  guide you through your conversion providing you with a comprehensive manual and unlimited tech support.   Our emphasis is on safety, reliability, durability and efficiency.

Propulsion Marine is a wholly owned subsidiary of Above the Waterline, Ltd. 

5.5 KW Electric Drive